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Twig Arrow DIY Valentines


Looking for something different than the store bought valentines, but don't have an endless supply of time? These twig arrow valentines, by homework, are adorable an actually pretty easy!

Simply gather some smallish twig on your next walk (or in your backyard) and cut them to equal sizes.  Next cut pieces of felt into your desired designs (the ones shown have two pieces, one for the front and one for the back, that have been glued together), and attach them to your twig.  You can write a message with a metallic sharpie on the branch, which I think would be too cute, and tie ribbon/string etc. for a little extra pizzaz. 

Have FUN! xo

Autumn Leaves Make for Fun Family Days!

Autumn... such an amazing time of year.  The heat has subsided but it's still comfortable enough to be outside playing and exploring nature.  In addition to the favorite past time of jumping in piles of freshly raked leaves, these AWESOME DIY crafts, using just leaves and mostly stuff you already have stashed somewhere in your [...]

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4th of July Nail Tutorial #1

With kids, more is MORE! We're going to do some fun nail tutorials leading up to Independence day and it only seemed fitting to start with one designed by a kid! This is a tad messy but oh so fun and will, no doubt, delight her inner MORE.  Our nail tattoos are designed to be used [...]

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Our Favorites for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that mamas can ask for, well, anything really without guilt.  Can you refill my coffee? My feet are a little sore, hint hint.  Any chance I could sleep for another hour or so? Oh yeah – it’s a great day! So whether your looking to pamper a special [...]

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100 Ways to Show Kindness To Your Child

Parenting is hard, right? No one will deny this fact. But, it is also such a wonderful privilege - a privilege that so often in the heat of the moment or the mess of the day is forgotten or even just a bit lost.  We came across Creative with Kids and loved the idea of seeking [...]

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Easter Kids DIY

If you're on the hunt for some fun, family activities for this weekend - take a look at these.  Super easy for even little ones and they'll make great decorations or favors for this year's Easter celebrations!If your child wants to make a homemade Easter basket this year, you should try this Duct Tape Easter [...]

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cheese please

I bet your gearing up to either host some friends or family this spring or to be hosted (and therefore need something fabulous to contribute). I'm a cheese lover. So much so that I would gladly forgo a meal just to taste and test lots of fun varieties. Some of my favorite moments with my [...]

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Boho Babes

Who doesn't love the whimsy of a Boho look now and then? We've had so much fun playing with our Mix & Match Tattoos to create all sorts of fun and unique "looks" just right for little ladies! From crowns to eye art... the possibilities are endless! 

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Enter a Birthday Giveway!

We have teamed up with our good friend over at Spray Pal to celebrate her sweet little boy's 3rd birthday! If you aren't familiar with Ryan and the Spray Pal family, their story is incredible and you can read it here.The prizes are:$50 gift card to Poppy Drops.The Joovy Tricycoo is a tricycle for children [...]

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My favorite girls!

Say hello to my favorite girls... my daughter, Laurel, and my sweet niece, Fiore! I know I'm bias but could they be any more yummy?! If you're just discovering us, I founded Poppy Drops as a way to keep little ones (like Fiore & Laurel) little as long as possible while still providing ways [...]

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