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Toothfairy Printable

Is the Tooth Fairy making lots of stops to your house? If so, have some fun with our FREE printable for your next tooth fairy visit! Just drag and drop image to your desk top... ENJOY!

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DIY Dog Bed

Our office mascot, Piper, is growing by the minute and right out of her dog bed. I'm not a skilled seamstress (by anyone's definition) but I do, from time to time, try out a fun sewing project. So, I decided to try my hand at making a fun dog bed... how hard can it be, [...]

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Get Outside and PLAY!

We all want our kids to be healthy, right? So many little things go into teaching a healthy lifestyle and sometimes it can be daunting as a parent. One thing I've learned is that kids are SIMPLE. They don't need a lot of fancy toys to have fun. They're just as happy with a cardboard box [...]

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Made in America Giveaway!

What prize do you want to win most? It would be hard to choose just one! Good thing the winner of the Made in the USA Giveaway will receive all 21 USA-made prizes!  You have to be in it to win it. Enter here and please share to support made in America brands: [...]

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Memorial Day Picnic

Memorial Day... the official start of summer. Right? That's how we've always viewed it, even though school is still in session for a few more days. But despite the fact that the evenings are still a bit cold here in Colorado, the pool is open, grills are working over time and flip flops are making [...]

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The Family Summer Vacation

Did you know that if you only take one family vacation each summer, you'll only have 18 to spend with your kiddos? Crazy when you really think about it! Who doesn't love leaving the everyday and packing up for an adventure? Open roads, wind in your hair, radio blasting and on and on... Question is, [...]

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